Frequently Asked Questions:


What is THRIVE Parenting Resources?
Thrive Parenting Resources, a division of The Neurodevelopmental Institute of NH, is a safe and fun environment for caretakers and their children to come get out of the house and meet new people. We offer play groups, topic based groups, and engaging activities such as music and story time. The program is feedback based and listens to the participants in hopes to provide the services, groups, and activities that they are interested in participating in. This gives caretakers a chance to utilize the skills and knowledge that they have, while also being able to bring their child to a place they love! Please frequent our Facebook page for updates. You can also learn more about The Neurodevelopmental Institute of NH by visiting their website,


What is the parking situation?
We are in downtown Manchester and do not have our own parking lot, but there is plenty of street parking around our building as well as in Pearl St. parking lot. We do have a parking map that you can refer to so that you can view the best parking options. There is a variety of free, metered with quarters, and metered with cash and card options available. You can find the parking map in our photos on our Facebook page.


What are the costs and how can I pay?

The groups/activities that we offer are typically $5, $10, or $15 and are always listed on the schedule under costs. You can pay via cash or card per class, or you can buy a punch card that has 10 punches at $5 each plus a free $5 punch!


Can I bring my stroller inside?
You can bring your stroller into the building and park it in our lobby area but it is not the responsibility of Thrive to ensure that your property is protected. The lobby area is not on the same level as the THRIVE program, it is a few stairs away. We are happy to help you bring your stroller down the stairs if your baby is sleeping and you want to keep them in there. We will be trying to keep the children’s play areas completely dry so if it is a wet day out, we would want to keep the strollers out of that area.


Can another family member or caretaker bring my child to THRIVE?

Yes! If another family member or caretaker is bringing your child to THRIVE, they will need to fill out our terms and agreements upon arrival. We encourage anyone that is involved in your child’s life to check us out and bring that child to fun activities to create a special memory and bond.