Mission Trips to Rwanda


NINH believes in giving back and volunteering both locally and globally. Every year, NINH coordinates for a group of volunteers to travel to Rwanda, Africa on a 10 day service trip. During this trip, volunteers do a variety of things that help both short term and long term. Some things that the volunteers have done in the past 3 years include building chicken coops, setting up partnerships with local organizations such as medical hospitals and schools, organizing fun social events such as soccer games or craft days, sponsoring children to go to school, and HOPE visits. HOPE visits are often the focus and they are visits to identified families that are in high need. We find out information about each family and then bring them clothes, a months worth of food, and some other helpful things they may need. We spend time with each family hearing their story and figuring out further ways that we can help them get out of poverty. Each trip is very different as our tasks are based around the skill sets of each volunteer and what the highest needs are in Rwanda at the time of our trip. Every volunteer that has gone on past trips would agree that it is a life changing experience not only for those in Rwanda but the volunteers themselves.