May Blog: Healing is Not Linear – A Perspective Shift to Honor Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health is a journey. It is a road trip with tired eyes that long to catch the sun rising after several hours of only seeing the night sky. It is a red eye flight whose jet lag introduces the body to time and space before it does the mind. Sometimes, we arrive in bliss. Others, …

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April Blog: Keep Your Peace – Writing for Trying Times

By allowing any sort of negative energy–be it thoughts, sensations, or emotions–about any event to thrive, we are actively choosing to give away our peace. Our peace is such a sacred human experience. Peace is not a place. It is not a product of the mind or the act of being thoughtless. Rather, peace is the sensation that follows when we witness the stillness and bliss within. It is unique to each and every one of us. It is precious and life changing. Our peace keeps us grounded. Our peace provides a sense of openness and it breathes compassion outwardly. By choosing worry and frustration over peace, we opt for a life where worry and frustration are perpetual.

October Blog: National Homemade Cookie Day

October 1st is National Homemade Cookie Day. There is great debate about what constitutes “homemade.” Whether you believe “homemade” means baking your cookies from scratch with eggs gathered from your own chickens and butter churned by hand, or breaking prepared cookie dough apart to bake, find some time to make some. Fresh baked cookies are a great way to spend 20 minutes, or an entire day, with your loved ones.

August Blog: Friendship Day

Friends help make life enjoyable. Friends can be a relative, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a work friend, your significant other or your spouse. Anyone can be a friend. A friend is someone you can trust and has your back all the time. They can be near or far, even in other countries.

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